Strawberry Candles

Strawberry Candles

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A different yet increasingly popular type of wedding cake is the candle cake. The cake consists of individual portions for direct servings, only the cake on the top board is a whole cake for the “cutting ceremony”. Various fillings can be arranged for this cake, these can include sponge types like chocolate, vanilla, carrot, lemon or red velvet sponges. Cream fillings include chocolate, chantilly, crème patissière, fresh cream, frosting, jams, fresh seasonal fruits and fruit flavoured cream mixes. The cake in the adjacent picture is for 60 servings. Sizes range from a minimum of 20 portions or one tier up to your required size or number of servings. Allergens: Wheat, milk, egg, soy. The product may contain nuts.


20 Servings
  • £190.00

50 Servings
120 Servings