Gold Profiterole

  •  Gold Profiterole

A modern and creative profiterole design. This profiterole wedding cake can be filled with any of the following flavoured creams: fresh cream, chocolate cream, cream chantilly or creme patissiere. The profiteroles are then enrobed in rich Belgian chocolate cream and sprayed with gold colour. The outer layer of the cake consists of empty profiterole shells and are not part of the total serving size. In order to serve the cake, the top must be cut off so the filled profiteroles inside can be reached and served. The price per portion is £6.50 The cake in the adjacent picture is for 80 servings. Sizes range from a minimum of 30 portions or one tier up to your required size or number of servings. Allergens: Wheat, milk, egg, soy. The product may contain nuts.


30 Servings
  • £195.00

50 Servings
120 Servings