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That Joanna Bradshaw

That Joanna Bradshaw

Event first occurred on 2 June 2017
730pm The Village
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Enjoy the fabulous sounds of songwriter Joanna as she uncovers a world of personal but highly accessible well-crafted original songs, as well as popular contemporary covers. 



'That Joanna Bradshaw', TJB for short, has been writing and performing her soulful music for over 3 years. The 25 year old has spent most of her life living in London but she started gigging in the South West of England, predominantly Bath where she studied and lived for 6 years. She performs on piano and guitar and her music has often been likened to that of Adele because her performance style uses vast amounts of raw passion and their songwriting draws on personal experience to tell genuine stories of self-reflection, love and loss. TJB also has a repertoire of over 150 popular songs from several decades and genres. TJB has performed at many venues in 6 countries for various events from intimate private parties to grand scale events with 4000 guests. EPs 'As Promised...' and 'Dust on the Piano' are available for sale. 

From the age of 5 Joanna performed in choirs as a soprano singer and did over 10 years of musical theatre. The combination of singing disciplines has allowed her to develop a wide vocal range and has given a great deal of power to her voice. Her performances are always heartfelt with a generous helping of passion which is most likely why she has often been likened to current artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran and London Grammar. Her songs tell honest stories of the world around her which diverse audiences can relate to. The young songstress has brought out two EPs which are on sale on iTunes and Amazon. They are also available on Spotify and Apple music. 'As Promised...' (which is mainly written on guitar) and 'Dust on the Piano' (which is a piano based EP) were both written and recorded whilst TJB lived and performed in Bath. She worked with producers and musicians Andy Cook and Dominik Sky to create these easy-listen beautiful EPs. 

TJB has recently come back from performing as band leader with a 7 piece band in the Middle East. The band were performing at the Ramee Palace Hotel in Juffair, Bahrain in a club called Dublin's. Stereo Revolution is a UK based band represented by the Birmingham based agency; Hear and Now Entertainment.

Next month TJB will be going across the pond to the States where she will be performing some of her latest songs that she has written for her upcoming album 'If Only They Knew' which includes tracks; 'Stay', 'The Lion' and 'Fairground'. 

TJB has over 3 years experience of working at weddings corporate events and parties and enhances the atmosphere and experience of any occasion. There's always something new to see as TJB has never done the same gig twice. She is continuously updating her setlist to include unforgotten classics, the latest chart songs and of course new material... even if she hasn't finished writing it yet!! 

In the words of her booking agent 'Anyone who doesn't like Joanna needs a life transplant!'. 

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